Sunday 1 March 2009

On the Road Again.. With a Charming Man

I've been away, and for the best of reasons- we won a pair of tickets, courtesy of Radio 2, to see Morrissey at the BBC's Radio Theatre...
February 11th at around 8pm sees us on the second row from the front for this bijou and intimate gig, hosted by an amiable Mark Radcliffe, with the rich and famous hiding themselves in the dark of the balcony. We have the better view with Moz only a few feet away.
Which gives Al the opportunity to pass him my postcard of Salford Lads club. See photo above- that's it in his hand! Honest!
It's good to be in London again and we have a great day as tourists with our friend Rhedd, who shows us Peckham Rye, Southwark, The Globe, and the Tate Modern. The sun's shining on the river and bathing the opposite bank in a magical glow. We have one of the Tate's frugal lunches (they're the same in Liverpool) and the serveur even warns me that the portion of tart will be rather small, and would I like a side order of potatoes? No, I would not, and certainly not at £3 a portion!
Lots of photos taken, and some sketchbook work. These are mainly done in cafes and on the cross-channel ferries, and when we're up North I'm especially happy to sit and draw in the mirrored and ornate Brucciani's cafe in Preston- almost unchanged since 1932... the ghosts of my student days linger here... where are you now, Chris, Doreen, Anna, Roger, Nesbitt, Melling, Steve and Viv- and who nicked my paintbrushes?!
Images: Rain at Le Havre; waiting for the ferry at Portsmouth; on board The Norman Voyager; Brucciani's, Preston.


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

One thing (amongst several) that I really respect about you Caroline is that you always have your sketchbook, which is therefore regularly in use. Leading by good example for your students and all would-be artists.
This results inmany pleasing "snapshots" of crayo-genic scenes and situations that otherwise wouldn;t get drawn or painted.

Caroline said...

Why, thank you!
Yesterday I drew the railway crossing at Quedillac..
I've been entranced by a group called 'urban sketchers, some of whom do several drawings a day.
Here's one of them I particularly enjoy..
Cheers XX

Sue England said...

Respect from me too! Am I copping out to always travel with my camera instead? (and sketch book-but I'm not in your league!)
Glad you had a good trip-he's looking rather middle aged now isn't he? Morrissey I mean, but I can talk
All the best

Caroline said...

Thanks, Sue! I always carry my camera,too. On Saturday I did the railway crossing sketch and now I'm working from a photo- same scene.
It feels a lot different from my pictures from photos only.