Friday 21 September 2012

Catching Up

Drawing By the River, Avenham Park, Preston

It's been a while, hasn't it, since my last blog? I'll try and remember what's been happening.
A search through my sketchbooks should give me some clues!
Here's a picture, above, of Avenham Park in Preston, it's where myself and Mr Price met up with other Preston Sketchers.
As is this one of Morrisons Supermarket.

More Reasons to Sketch at Morrisons..

And we also met at Worden Park in Leyland and sheltered from the rain in the one place we could, condemned to draw what was in front of us, or the person next to us, which is what Messrs Price and Heath often do anyway!

Worden Park, Leyland

I seem to have spent a lot of time in hospitals, this one's when I was waiting in the out-patients..

Waiting Room, Cardio-respiratory Department, Royal Preston Hospital

And here's my dear old Mum who I found slumped at her home after a heart attack - thankfully she's making a good recovery.
Mum Asleep in Chorley Hospital

I've done a lot of bus travel and enjoyed drawing out of the windows,

"..And in Five Minutes It Was Out Here!"

 and listening to snippets of conversation.

Ta Love on the Bus to Preston

I've travelled by Virgin train (this sketch has got to be be worth a fortune now!)
The Train from Preston to Euston
to London Town

The Shard, London

 for the Olympics!

The Olympic Stadium  3rd August 2012

Good times were spent in Brittany.

The Beach at Pen-Guen

But now I'm back, doing things like sketching at the museum in Preston,

The Poulton Elk, Harris Museum, Preston

sometimes venturing over the border to Yorkshire..

Bridestones, Todmorden
 and, in the studio, catching up with the artworks for my exhibition next year.

The Mill That Lowry Drew, Pendlebury