Tuesday 25 August 2009


As mentioned in my blog for December 2008, I have five paintings reproduced as sound-absorbent panels in Pizza Express on Salford Quays.

A trip to the North-West means that myself and my accomplice Mr.Price have the opportunity, at last, to see the artworks. At the restaurant we explain why we're there and are whisked off by a waitress to a table for two... “I'm sure we can do something for you!” she says, and later assures us that “Manager says no charge for meal!”

The paintings look bigger than I though they might, and it's really strange to see them-my very own pictures! installed in public....eek! I feel pleased, proud, and oddly humbled.

Our lovely waitress, between the pizza and the ice-cream, tells us how much she likes the artworks, and how popular they are, and, after the coffee, says goodbye to both of us with a big hug and a kiss.

Mr. Price says he's so glad he met me.... having supplied him with a free meal and kisses from a pretty young lady!

Next stop- and just across the piazza- The Lowry, where we just have time to watch the excellent documentary on L.S. It's a moving portrait of a lonely man... without who my Pizzapics would never have seen the light of day- thank you, Mr. Lowry!