Wednesday 23 July 2008

We Shall Draw Them On The Beaches..

So hot yesterday that a trip to the beautiful Pen-Guen beach just had to be made.

Simply lying on the warm sand gets boring though, so myself and Mr. Price take up our sketchbooks. He draws me from under an umbrella while I , stupidly, don't notice time passing , out in the sun with my sketchbook. Result, a prettily coloured pen, ink and watercolour of sunbathers and beach paraphenalia .... and an ugly red sunburn on my arms and back.
Sand is a pale yellow-ochre-with-a-touch-of-ultramarine and the shadows are less dilute with more of the blue. That's Breton sand of course!
Pic of myself courtesy of ADP.


James Hobbs said...

I like them - and all free models.

Caroline said...

Why, thank you! and, strangely enough, they don't seem to notice your drawing them. In a more confined space it's almost immediate... an initial discomfort and then the subject searches for whoever's staring at them- I recommend sideways observation, or even sunglasses.