Wednesday 23 July 2008

Rock On!

Midsummer means Glastonbury Festival. I've only been once, in 1987, but I now follow the event at home on the telly- with my own 'facilities' in my own bathroom, thank you!
This year, I noticed they have an artist in residence- and have had for years, unbeknown to me. He's Kurt Jackson, who auctions the resulting
oeuvres in aid of Oxfam... good on yer, Kurt, I wish there were more like you around.
The World of Rock is familiar territory- my living with a musician, and having to be The Oldest Groupie Ever- gives ample opportunities for sketchbook work.
Drawings of the moving figure can't get too precious and it really sharpens up the eye.
At a concert in Rennes it was too dark to see the page, but the resulting pictures came out lively and amusing.
On a hot summer's evening at St.Malo's La Route Du Rock I struggled among jostling crowd to draw The Spinto Band- a particularly lively group. I was drenched in sweat afterwards- none of it mine, objectionably!
The entertainment business, for that's what it is, is another subject where it's useful and interesting to work from the sometimes-frowned-upon photographic image. And even Degas resorted to this, for his dancers!


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Another great blog, Caroline. A tiny tip, if I may, my dear? Could you relate the text to the individual picture (see photo at top, middle ...), merci!
Knowing you, as we do, and seeing you around, you are a shining example (!) that anyone claiming to be an artist should always have their sketchbook and, at the very least, a pencil to hand, good on yer ....

Caroline said...

Okay-dokey, will do. I presumed no-one was that interested...or is that an Al-ism?

Sue England said...

Hi Caroline
Kurt Jackson-I love his work! But your link doesn't work-I have him as a link on my blog to his site
Do you never go anywhere that you don't starting sketching?! Puts the rest of us to shame.
Hope all well with you-when are you next in UK? Planning a bit of a 'reunion' (well, 2 coming down at present), with some from Leyland, weekend of 20 September-any chance you could make it? Plenty of room between Jen and Me
Sue E