Monday 24 February 2020

Five Years Later..

Five Years Later...

Well, it's nearly five years since my last blog. Life (and death) got in the way, but here we are now, living in the Rossendale Valley. Above is my view from the Whitaker Museum and Art Gallery which is just down the road from here. 
This is an area full of contrasts- gritty post-industrial towns with the backdrop of wild moorland.
Everywhere is up a hill, and my bike lies rusting in the shed. I say shed, but it's one of the old toilets out the back in the communal alleyway. The loo in this one has gone, but next to it is another outhouse, still complete with its Victorian 'tipper' toilet. It's in a fetching rough brown earthenware and it's so old that there's one in Manchester's MOSI Museum. Here's a fascinating link, below.
 You learn something every day!

We have other Facilities in our house, I hasten to add. Here's one of them.

John Bratby did a better painting of his toilet... I think they were more interesting then, too.

Intriguingly (to me at least), we're buying a house a couple of miles away from here and our solicitor had a query to the sellers...  in an old deed from 1948 there was a provision stating that the owner of another property would be entitled to continue to use a closet on land to the side of the house
The closets were knocked down ages ago, so we won't expect pyjama and negligée clad neighbours pounding on the door in the early hours, thankfully!


Gardengal said...

Love your view from The Whittaker. Until 3 years ago I was a regular visitor to Rawtenstall and know the area well as my sister lived there. My Nephew and family also live next door to the park. I've loved your work since you were in Brittany and I found your blog there. Didn't you used to come over in the winter and paint shop windows with scenes for Christmas or am I mixing you up with someone else? Apologies if I have. I do know your work around Manchester city centre though of various buildings. Anne Forster

Caroline said...

Hi Anne, yes, Christmas windows, that's right. Thank you, keep on reading, I've a lot of catching up to do!

Lis Watkins said...

It's lovely to see your work again!

Caroline said...

Thank you, Lis.