Saturday 2 January 2010

Here Comes the Sun..... doopadoodah!

I've neglected my 'big painting' over the festive period's of the castle mound at Clitheroe and all will be revealed, hopefully, in my next blog, but, dear reader, don't hold your breath!
So I thought that, before tackling it again today, I'd sharpen up my eye with some sketching.

Yesterday evening it snowed, and with clear skies and a 'blue' full moon the village and the garden were revealed with a ghostly air of faerie about them.... pretty, but too cold and dark for the indolent artist!
Today, the sun was out - as I drew, the snow was slowly melting, and as I write only the shadows are holding on to their precious patches of white.

Snow outside the studio-dip pen, ink wash and watercolour.


DOT said...

Amateur! I went to Stonyhurst College, a spit and cycle ride from Clitheroe and its attractive, yet at that time, illegal pubs. Therefore,I could paint the mound from memory, a slightly foxed memory but a form of memory. Happy New Year.

memi said...

Caroline, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and the supportive comments. Your work is lovely and I am glad to know it and you, now~

Miranda Bell said...

Lovely to speak last night... here are the promised links... - at the side of her blog - click on her website - that will take you through to her art work and gallery details. - this is my cousin's gallery and coffee shop in the borders - might be worth contacting them if you're in that area - even just for the cakes!!

Look forward to Saturday - Mxx