Tuesday 26 May 2009

Hare's Running

Good Luck with her Fine Art degree to my daughter Ruth and her fellow students at the University of Central Lancashire... the words 'Preston Poly' still spring more easily to my lips, I fear.
Four hard years have passed, raising two boys, house-movings, long journeys in unpredictable cars , family troubles and losses.. the horror of written work and the dread spectre of Power Point Presentation.
Then the artwork- a dozen Liverpool pigeons in waste-papier-mache, drawings, photos, a city made from scrap packaging, plaster Cokeheads, prints, gossip engraved on a hundred pub glasses.... half a dozen life-size sprinting greyhounds (involved a 'Godfatherly' sawing off the head of one!)..big prints, drawings, even bigger prints...
Well done, Ruby- and well done, too, to her partner Steve-it's the end of an era, the nightmare's over!
See you on the 12th- with the champagne!

All work: Ruth Orrell


Berichten uit de luwte said...

Indeed, isn't it great to be a proud 'mum'. Do i see some memetic similarity in what occurs to be a landscape?

Caroline said...

Well, it seems, so, doesn't it?
(Having swiftly looked up the meaning of the word!).

Sue England said...

Congratulations-it must feel great to be passing on all that talent!

Caroline said...

Thanks, Sue,
We went to the Degree show on Friday, and the students' work was really interesting, everything presented very professionally. Going to have another look this week when they've cleared away the crowds and the empty beer bottles!

James Hobbs said...

There's nothing like a degree show. I love them. Congratulations - to you both.