Wednesday 28 May 2008

Laydees who sketch

I'm having a pause from any bigger projects- I've a huge 'back catalogue!' - and I've been working as I please, regardless, footloose and fancy free, which is really what being an artist should be about.
Al's been practising English folk music spiced with a bit of punk- this with Gabrielle down on the Permaculture farm. I go along once a week when the weather's fine.
What delights! Pigs, chickens, sheep, veg plot, garden, meadows, big trees, barns........sitting in the sun sketching while sweet airs from fiddle and guitar float on the breeze.
And a few days ago 'twas our first Sketch Club Outing, a break-away faction of the Art Courses I run in Brittany. It's a way of ensuring we get some drawing and painting done between workshops- it's amazing how difficult it is to self-motivate and I'm hoping this will help us all. It's fun to be with others, too (no men yet!). Once a fortnight should work out well I think.
Many thanks to 'Hil and Phil ' for use of the courtyard... coffee, cake etc..
I'll be quiet for a couple of weeks now, I'm off to teach on a Painting Holiday in a chateau further to the South of France- see former blog for details. Will publish the resulting
oeuvres d'art -soon!


Sue England said...
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Sue England said...

Have a great time-yes, I know you are working! Wish I was going too, (maybe next year) but am keeping up the sketching on this side of the channel
Have fun

DOT said...

Hi Caroline, I was sorry to have missed meeting you when I stayed at S&G's but was delighted to meet Alistair.

Chickens! What misunderstood birds they are. I loved watching the antics of S&G's flock. Without being too anthropological, they do have decidedly individual traits.

By the way I loved the work I saw in your home. More shame that we didn't meet as I, as amateur dabbler, love discussing art with those that can.

Caroline said...

Hi- just noticed your comments, thank you! Perhaps we'll meet next time you're over..