Saturday 16 February 2008

To Market, To Market....

Trying to market one's work takes up so much valuable painting time!
Aidan O'Rourke (Manchester photographer of some note-see link) is setting up an online print gallery and I've been preparing work for this.
This means I have to get really high quality copies. I can scan the A4 pictures but my digital camera isn't smart enough for larger work. Which means I had to go to the Big City to have them scanned through a Huge Machine which accommodates Vast Pictures. Forty minutes journey and then had to leave them overnight and pick up the next day... tedious.
Pictures were put onto CDRom... when I looked at them at home, some had stripes on them- they're scanned by trundling through rollers. Nowt to be done, couldn't face the nightmare journey to the concrete desert of the ' zone artisanal' again, so they've been left out!
Another way to publicise my work has been by having postcards made. I've done lots of cityscapes of Manchester and found a cheap company to produce the cards- not much profit to be made, but they look really cute and I'm chuffed to know they're now on sale in the bookshop at Manchester's Cornerhouse.
My little images, standing patiently in the postcard rack, waiting for that famous Art Dealer to see them....!!


Sue England said...

Hi Caroline
your latest work is very impressive-reminds me of my time at Manchester Art college when we had to go out 'sketching' in Picaddily! Bet things have changed a lot since then. Can I buy the postcards online anywhere? How often are you 'up North'?
Have a look at my blog at

Caroline said...

Hi Sue,
i looked at your blog, thanks for the link and I will reciprocate. I did a pic of Piccadilly Manchester for the 'Rolf on Lowry' I took part in... more on that in a later blog!
Postcards not available online but I'll send you the one of the Cornerhouse- the rest have gone directly there and I have to wait 'til I go over next... I go UptNorth about 3 times a year.
Manchester's well worth a visit before more of it changes.