Monday 28 January 2008

A first Hello

And Hello! I'm Caroline and I'm an English fine artist in Brittany. Here's my website which I share with Alastair, my accomplice
A quick glance will reveal that we ( like most artists who live by their trade) turn our trained hands to various tasks- to mural painting, portraits (people, pets,houses), window paintings, personal work for galleries.
I run regular workshops in Drawing and Painting, here in the large room that was the old village cafe. Classes are day-long. and on a monthly basis as I've found that evening courses are less well attended- folk don't want to trail out on a wet dark night, and neither do I!
It also means that , for students who live further away, it's worth the journey if they're doing the longer hours, and they can drive back in the light.
I try to balance the classes between, say, learning to work accurately-(which is difficult and often unrewarding, but the basis of any success in future work) and workshops where everyone is delighted with what they can achieve.
For two fortnights of the year I'm tutor at a chateau near Angouleme . There's a lovely studio in a converted barn, woods and fields, donkeys, solar-heated pool, great food and wine.
Heavenly- though I sometimes feel like an Artistic Redcoat!

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